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               Karpat-Tura is a small but enthusiastic community of hikers and mountaineers; beginners and proficients as well. Our mission  is to popularise hiking and mountaineering by guided trips with different difficulty from easy hike to moderate climbing; and with wide range of locations from the hills of the Carpathian Basin  to the high mountains of the world.
Karpat-Tura.com is available in Hungarian only, however, here below you can find a little help for navigating on the website:
Main Page contains mostly trip reports in a form of blog.
Introduction is a bit longer version of this description with practical informations of our trips - if you are interested contact us for details in English
Trip Calendar: here you can find our planned trips you may participate in. Karpat-Tura is not a business company, however, the guide's costs (travel, accommodation) will be shared between the participants.
If you are interested to join one of our trips or need information, use the
Contact Form. 
In the Gallery  you can find photos of our former trips.
Where we have been - list and map of the locations of our trips.
Contents - all of our posts sorted by topics
Finally, some Hiking Equipment for hire  is available on our website.

 Upcoming trips:

  • 29-31. 12. 2023  Year-ending trip - Niedere Tauern (Austria) 

László Hunyadi, editor, hiking guide